Refurbishment projects made easy

Keeping operational whilst a workplace refurbishment is happening around you is key.

Our team of Project Managers and Site Managers are experienced in managing projects of all sizes and types, and go to great lengths to ensure that the project runs safely, to programme, without hidden costs and that your business remains functional.

As one of the region’s leading contractors we can offer a superior service in all types of refurbishment work. This extends from the simple and straightforward office, to the most comprehensive and demanding large-scale projects.

We have the skills to carry out all necessary structural work, renovation, installation of services and painting and decoration. All under the professional management of experienced people, delivered to the highest quality standards and meeting all relevant regulations and legislation.

Whether you are simply moving the existing pieces of the office around, or need new areas creating and equipment installed, we will carry out work to an agreed schedule with minimal disruption to your working practices.

Case Studies

Crewe YMCA

Conversion of apartments

The project involved splitting 3 apartments, converting each one into two new rooms. These rooms each consisted of a bedroom and a shower/toilet

GAB Robbins

This was a large project involving getting 2 large industrial units (units 22 and 23) back to a habitable state after being damaged in a fire.